Mount Sobo (祖母山, Sobo-san)

Mount Sobo (祖母山, Sobo-san) is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. The 1,756-metre-high (5,761 ft) mountain lies on the border of Taketa and Bungo-ōno in Ōita Prefecture and Takachiho, Nishiusuki District in Miyazaki Prefecture. It is the highest peak in Miyazaki Prefecture. In Ōita Prefecture only the 1,791 m (5,876 ft) middle peak of Mount Kujū is higher.

The Sobo Mountain range extends into three prefectures: Ōita, Miyazaki and Kumamoto. Because of the volcanic activity which formed the mountain, huge rocks can be found everywhere around the mountain. There is a great variety of mountain climbing routes, ranging from animal trails to well maintained paths. Courses ae available from relaxed hiking for enjoyment to cliff climbing routes aimed at advanced climbers. Steep rock climbing routes can be seen from all trails in the neighbourhood of the summit. The surroundings of Mount Sobo abound in mineral resources which were mined from the Edo period to the mid-Shōwa period.

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