Gross Aubrig

The Gross Aubrig (1,695 m or 5561 ft ) is a mountain of the Schwyzer Alps, overlooking the lake of Wägital in the canton of Schwyz. It lies north of the Fluebrig, on the range between the valley of the Sihl and the Wägital. Its child peak Chli Aubrig lies to the west. from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Laaxer Stöckli

The Laaxer Stöckli (also known as Piz Grisch) is a 2,898 metre-high mountain of the Glarus Alps, located on the border between the cantons of Glarus and Graubünden in Eastern Switzerland. It lies approximately halfway between the Vorab and Piz Segnas. The Laaxer Stöckli belongs to the municipalities of Glarus Süd and Laax. The closest localities are Elm and Flims. The south side is part of the Flims-Laax ski area. A chairlift reaches La Siala at a height of 2,806 metres. from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Grimming (2,351 m) is an isolated peak in the Dachstein Mountains of Austria and one of the few ultra-prominent mountains of the Alps. The Grimming rises between the Enns valley and Salzkammergut, east of the Dachstein massif, being separated from its eastern rim by the Salza Gorge. from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Grigna is a mountain massif in the province of Lecco, Lombardy, northern Italy, with an elevation of 2,410 metres (7,907 ft). It is part of the Bergamo Alps, and it has two peaks, Grignone or Grigna settentrionale, the higher, and the lower Grignetta or Grigna meridionale (2,177 m). from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Grieshorn (also known as Corno Gries) is a mountain of the Lepontine Alps, located on the Swiss-Italian border. With an altitude of 2,969 metres above sea level, it is the culminating point of the group lying between the Gries Pass, the San Giacomo Pass and the Nufenen Pass. On the west lies the slightly lower Klein Grieshorn. from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Gridone, Ghiridone or Monte Limidario is a mountain of the Lepontine Alps, overlooking Lake Maggiore near Brissago. At 2,188 metres above sea level, its summit straddles the border between Italy and Switzerland. The summit can be easily reached from both sides, although it is nearly 2,000 metres above Lake Maggiore. from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia