Hoher Prijakt

The Hoher Prijakt (“High Prijakt”, 3,064 m (AA)) and Niederer Prijakt (“Low Prijakt”, 3,056 m above sea level (AA)) are a prominent double summit which, seen from the west and north, form one of the most attractively-shaped mountains of the Schober Group in the state of Tyrol in western Austria. The summit cross was placed on the lower Niederer Prijakt which is easier to see from the valley.

The easiest route to the Hoher Prijakt takes about three hours from the Hochschober Hut heading for the Mirnitzscharte notch, later turning north and heading past the lake of Barrenlesee until just below the western Barreneckscharte notch and finally making its way along the unchallenging eastern arête to the summit. The route is waymarked and free of snow and ice in the summer, but does require sure-footedness.

 The Hoher Prijakt and Niederer Prijakt are separated by the Prijaktscharte, a notch which is a good 60 metres (200 ft) deep. The crossing of the linking ridge takes about 30 minutes and is rated as grade II, but the difficulty is somewhat reduced by protective steel cables. The Niederer Prijakt can alternatively also be ascended on a climbing route, that is not too difficult, from the Mirschachscharte notch along the southwestern arête. The rather more challenging western arête is one of the most beautiful climbing routes in the Schoberg Group, and gains a height of 400 metres (1,300 ft) 

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