Hohes Brett

Hohes Brett is a mountain of Bavaria, Germany.

The Hohes Brett (~high shelf) is a 2,340 meter (2,338 m above sea level, according to other data) high mountain in Goellstock, which is located in the Berchtesgadener Alps. The border between Germany (state of Bavaria) and Austria runs over its peak. Its name is derived from the flat, rocky plateau near the peak, which offers a good overview of the Berchtesgadener Alps and to the Tennen Mountains.

The Hohes Brett is considered an unproblematic and worthwhile mountain hike, and in addition to the Schneibstein is counted among the easiest “two-thousanders” in the Berchtesgaden region. The normal path begins at the Jennerbahn mountain station and leads over the Carl-von-Stahl-Haus (1731 m), the steep southern flank (briefly exposed, but secured) and the Jaegerkreuz (hunter’s cross) on to the peak in a good 2 hours. Another possible starting point with a marked difference in elevation would be Hinterbrand, from where you would reach the peak by crossing through the Mitterkaser Alm, the southern flank and the hunter’s cross to the peak, which takes a good 3 hours. Alternatively, you might climb over the Brettgabel from there, although there is almost no trail along this route after the Brettgabel and is indicated by just a few markers.

Also worthwhile is the ridge pass over the Archenkoepfe and the Kuchlerkreuz (Kuchler cross) to the Hohe Goell. This stretch, which requires that you have sure footing and not be afraid of heights, offers a good panorama. From the Hohes Goell, you can descend along other routes as well, for example to the Purtschellerhaus or over the AlpeltalsteigĀ 

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