Hokkaidō Koma-ga-take (北海道駒ヶ岳, Hokkaidō Koma-ga-take)

Hokkaidō Koma-ga-take (北海道駒ヶ岳, Hokkaidō Koma-ga-take), also Oshima Koma-ga-take (渡島駒ヶ岳), Oshima Fuji (渡島富士), or just Koma-ga-take (駒ヶ岳) is a 1,131 metres (3,711 ft) andesitic stratovolcano[1] on the border between Mori, Shikabe, and Nanae, all within the Oshima Subprefecture of Hokkaidō, Japan.

Occurrence of volcanic activity started some 30,000 years ago. Following roughly 5,000 years of dormancy, volcanic activity at Mount Koma-ga-take restarted at the start of the 17th century, triggering the Kan’ei Great Famine in 1640. Since then, there have been at least 50 recorded volcanic events at Mount Koma-ga-take.

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