King Peak

King Peak (sometimes called Mount King) is the fourth-highest mountain in Canada and the ninth-highest peak in North America. Situated just west of Mount Logan (highest in Canada), in Yukon, it is considered a satellite peak of that massive mountain.

The first ascent of King Peak was made in 1952 by some students from the University of Alaska. Russell Alston Paige, Keith Hart, Elton Thayer and Bill Atwood walked to the Ogilvie Glacier at the foot of Quartz Ridge where the majority of their supplies had been air dropped. They reached Camp 2 on the west ridge on June 3. After waiting two days for a storm to subside, Hart and Thayer set out for the summit while Atwood remained in camp due to a knee injury. After struggling with rock towers and icy crests, they reached the top on June 6, 1952.

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