Hess Mountain

Hess Mountain, also known as Mount Hess, is an 11,940 ft (3,640 m) elevation glaciated summit located on the crest of the Alaska Range, in Alaska, United States. It is the seventh-highest peak in the Hayes Range, a subset of the Alaska Range. This remote peak is situated 13.3 mi (21 km) west of Mount Hayes, and 90 mi (145 km) south of Fairbanks. Mount Deborah, the nearest higher neighbor, is positioned 2.8 mi (5 km) to the west. The mountain’s name was reported in 1912 by the United States Geological Survey. The first ascent was made May 24, 1951, by Alston Paige, Dick Holdren, Ed Huizer, Howard Bowman, and Elton Thayer. The first ascent via the North Ridge was made May 23, 1976, by Steven Hackett and Thomas Hillis.

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