Mount Watson

Mount Watson is a 12,497-foot (3,809 meter) glaciated mountain summit located in the Fairweather Range of the Saint Elias Mountains, in southeast Alaska, United States. It ranks as the fifth-highest peak in the Fairweather Range. The peak is situated in Glacier Bay National Park, 2 mi (3 km) west of the Canada–United States border, and 7.16 mi (12 km) north of Mount Fairweather, which is the highest peak in the Fairweather Range. The mountain’s name was officially adopted by the United States Board on Geographic Names in 1924 to commemorate David Thompson Watson (1844-1916), who was US Counsel to the 1903 Alaska Boundary Tribunal. The first ascent of the peak was made June 18, 1974, by Michael Allen, Walter Gove, Lawrence Dauelsberg, Alice Liska, and Donald Liska via the East Ridge. The first ascent of the North Face was made in April 1999 by Chris Trimble and Jim Earl. The months May through June offer the most favorable weather for climbing.

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