Good Hope Mountain

Officially Good Hope Mountain but commonly known as Mount Good Hope is one of the principal summits of the Pacific Ranges of the southern Coast Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. It stands immediately west of Chilko Lake, with the highest peak on the massif rising between the lake’s southern arms.

West of Mount Good Hope is the upper valley of the Southgate River, which drains to Bute Inlet near the mouth of the Homathko River; across the Southgate to the west is the Homathko Icefield, one of the largest ice-masses in the Coast Mountains. To Good Hope’s south is the Bishop River, a tributary of the Southgate River, beyond which is Mount Raleigh. West of the pass between the Southgate River and Chilko Lake, and north of the Homathko Icefield, is a ridge crowned by Mount Queen Bess.

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