Grosses Fiescherhorn

Grosses Fiescherhorn is a mountain peak of the Bernese Alps, located on the border between the cantons of Bern and ValaisValais, halfway between the Mönch and the Finsteraarhorn. At 4,049 metres (13,284 ft) above sea level, its summit culminates over the whole Fiescherhorn massif (German: Fiescherhörner), which is also composed of the slightly lower Hinteres Fiescherhorn (4,025 m (13,205 ft)) to the south and Kleines Fiescherhorn (also called Ochs aka ox, 3,895 m (12,779 ft)) to the east. From the north both are well hidden behind other mountain peaks and can only been seen from Isch in Grindelwald (1,095 m). The mountain is shared between the municipalities of Grindelwald and Fieschertal.

Ascents are usually made from one of these three popular routes: one starts from the Mönchsjoch Hut, one from the Konkordia Hut, and the third from the Finsteraarhorn Hut.

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