The Kaltwasserkarspitze is a mountain in the Hinterautal-Vomper Chain and, at 2,733 m (AA) m, is the fourth highest peak in the Karwendel mountains in Austria after the Birkkarspitze, Middle and Eastern Ödkarspitze. The Kaltwasserkarspitze is the eastern neighbour of the Birkkarspitze, its rugged summit dropping in a steep rock face to the valley of Kleiner Ahornboden. A long arête heads south from the mountain, on which are the Sägezähne (“saw teeth”) and the Großer Heißenkopf (2,431 m (AA)) and which separates the Östliche Birkkar from the Raukarl.

The mountain was first climbed in 1870 by Hermann von Barth.

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