The Kanisfluh is a mostly isolated massif in the central Bregenz Forest Mountains between the municipalities Mellau and Au.The Kanisfluh is considered the most famous mountain and landmark of the Bregenz Forest, Vorarlberg, Austria.

Viewed from the North, the prominent cliff face of the Kanisfluh dominates the valley of Schnepfau and Bregenzer Ach, while the grassy south slopes decline more gently.

The highest peak is the “Holenke” at an elevation of 2,044 metres AA (6,706 feet), which can be climbed via a comfortable mountain trail (SAC hiking scale T2). Other peaks are the “Hoher Stoß” (1,806 m AA), the “Runder Kopf” (2,014 m AA) and the “Sonnenspitze” (1,965 m AA). No trails lead to these, reaching them occasionally requires advanced mountaineering abilities.

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