The twin peaks of the Kellerspitzen (Italian: Creta delle Chianevate) form the second highest mountain (2,774 m (AA)) in the Carnic Alps, a mountain range in the Southern Limestone Alps. The two summits rise in the middle of the east-west oriented Kellerwandgrat, an arête that forms the main chain of the Carnic Alps here. The border between the Austrian state of Carinthia and the Italian Province of Udine runs along this ridge. The West Top (Westgipfel), also called the Grohmannspitze, is 2,718 m; the East or Main Top (Ostgipfel or Hauptgipfel) is 2,774 m. The mountain offers a wide panoramic view in all directions which, along with its numerous climbing routes, makes it a popular destination for mountaineers.

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