The Kuchenspitze is a mountain, 3,148 m (AA), in the Verwall between the valley of Stanzer Tal and Paznaun in the west of North Tyrol.

The mountain rises south of St. Anton am Arlberg in the Stanzer valley. Northeast of the summit is the Darmstädter Hut.

The Kuchenspitze is the second highest peak in the Verwall Group after the Hoher Riffler. Its main summit is not the 3148 spot height, but the peak to the south; to the north are several other subpeaks.  The mountain is glaciated. In its north cirque (Nordkar) is the Großer Kuchenferner; to the west, the Kleiner Kuchenferner; and, to the south, between the main summit and the subpeak of the Küchlspitze (3,147 m), is the Großer Küchlferner. The ridge continues northwards via the col of Kuchenjöchl (2,730 m) to the Scheibler (2,978 m) and the Kartell Group above St. Anton. The Kuchenspitze is a little to the north of the main chain of the Verwall, which runs over the Küchlspitze. The entire west side of the mountain drains into the Kartellspeicher reservoir and the Moosbach into the Rosanna, the west flank into the Fasulbach, which empties into the upper Rosanna.

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