Store Skagastølstind

Store Skagastølstind (also known as Storen) is the third highest peak in Norway. It is situated on the border between the municipality of Luster and Årdal in Vestland county, Norway. The 2,405-metre (7,890 ft) mountain is part of the Hurrungane range. The mountains Vetle Skagastølstind and Midtre Skagastølstind lie immediately to the north of this mountain and the mountains Sentraltind and Jervvasstind lie immediately to the east of this mountain.

The summit is a popular destination for mountaineers, but it is fairly difficult to climb. The first ascent was made by William Cecil Slingsby on 21 July 1876. There are a number of different routes, the most popular being Heftyes renne (Heftye’s couloir). Another popular route of ascent is via Andrews renne (Andrew’s couloir), used in the first ascent of A. W. Andrews and party in 1899. Store Skagastølstind and the mountaineering of the late 19th century in Norway is traditionally linked to the historical hotel Turtagrø.

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