The Concarena is a mountain in Lombardy, northern Italy. It is multi summited and its highest peak is the Cima della Bacchetta, with a height of 2,549 m.

The Concarena divides the mid Val Camonica and the Valle di Scalve, lying at its north-eastern tip (the southern one being the Pizzo Camino). Most of the mountain is located in the province of Brescia, with only the north-western areas part of the province of Bergamo.

Other summits over 2,000 meters include the Cima dei Ladrinai (2,403 m), Monte Vaccio (2,338 m) and the Corno del Dente (2,303 m).

The mountain is composed of carbonate rocks from the Triassic period (c. 225 million years ago).

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