Reo Purgyil

Reo Purgyil, sometimes known as Leo Pargial and Leo Pargil, is a mountain peak at the southern end of the Zanskar Range in the Western Himalaya. It is located the border between Himachal Pradesh, India and Tibet

At 6,816 m, Reo Purgyil is the highest mountain peak in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is located in Kinnaur district. Geologically the peak is a dome structure and is part of a great massif that rises above the Sutlej river and overlooks the western valleys of Tibet. The Spiti River, a right hand tributary of the Satluj, drains the northern face of the massif.

The highest peak is often obscured by clouds and is located about 2 km to the south of Peak 6791, a well known slightly shorter twin with a height of 6,791 m. Peak 6791 is widely referred to as Leo Pargial and has sufficient topographic prominence to be classified as a mountain in its own right. Nako village is located on the slopes of the mountain, close to the India-Tibet border.

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