The Diablerets (French: Les Diablerets; lit. “the abode of devils”) are a huge ice-covered mountain massif of the Alps, culminating at the Sommet des Diablerets (VD, VS) at 3,210 metres (10,530 ft) above sea level and straddling the border between the Swiss cantons of Vaud (VD) and Valais (VS). The northeastern part of the massif stretches also into the canton of Bern (BE).

The Diablerets massif, which consists of several peaks, extends for about 10 kilometres near the western extremity of the Bernese Alps, between the two deep passes, the Cheville Pass (2,038 m (6,686 ft)) right below the main summit to the south, and the Sanetsch/Sénin Pass (2,252 m (7,388 ft)) to the east. The mountain is covered by two distinct glaciers, the largest being the Tsanfleuron Glacier and the highest being the Diablerets Glacier.

The main summit (officially referred to as Sommet des Diablerets) is the highest point in the canton of Vaud. In the latter canton, the mountain has given its name to the nearby village and resort of Les Diablerets, which lies on the north side of the massif. On the south side (Valais) the mountain overlooks the hamlet and valley of Derborence.

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