The Fallenbacherspitze (also: Fallenbacher Spitze, Fallenbacher-Spitze) in the Austrian state of Tyrol is a 2,723-metre-high rock summit in the Lechtal Alps. Due to its remoteness and lack of signed routes, the mountain is not climbed very often.

The Fallenbacherspitze lies in the middle of the Lechtal Alps, about eight kilometres south of Bach. Apart from its main summit (2,723 m), the massif has another, clearly lower summit on the southeast ridge, the Gamskarlespitze (2,469 m). It is bounded to the east and south by the Alperschontal valley, that runs from the Madau. To the southwest it continues via the wind gap of Gamskarscharte and the Fallenbacher Turm (2,704 m) to the Feuerspitze (2,852 m). The cirque of Das Fallenbacher Kar lies on the west flank of the mountain and leads to the Mittelrücken (2,625 m) and the Holzgauer Wetterspitze (2,895 m). In the valley of Fallenbacher Tal north of the mountain lies a small lake, the Fallenbacher See. Further away from the Fallenbacherspitze lies the Vorderseespitze (2,889 m) to the southwest and the Freispitze (2,884 m) to the east, on the other side of the Alperschontal. In summary, several of the largest and most striking summits of the Lechtal Alps are concentrated within a radius of less than 3 kilometres around the Fallenbacherspitze.

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