Gleirscher Rosskogel

The Gleirscher Rosskogel (2,994 m (AA)[1]) is a mountain in the northern Stubai Alps in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is not particularly independent, because about 750 metres to the north rises the higher summit of the Zwieselbacher Rosskogel (3,081 m). Formerly the 3,008 spot height on the arête between the two peaks was named as the Gleirscher Rosskogel, and this is still the case on many maps;[2] in which case the present Gleirscher Rosskogel would then be called the Gleirscher Rosskopf. At the top is a small metal summit cross with a plaque inscribed with the present name of the peak and an elevation of 2,950 m.

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