The Gschwandtkopf is a mountain south of the ski resort of Seefeld in Tirol in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is 1,495 metres high. There are two inns at the summit: the Ötzi Hut and the Sonnenalm.

The Gschwandtkopf rises prominently above the surrounding Seefeld Plateau by some 300-400 metres. The summit is located about 1.5 kilometres south-southwest of the centre of Seefeld, about 1.5 km west-northwest of the village of Auland and 2.5 kilometres east-northeast of Mösern. The mountain is bounded to the west and northwest by the Möserer Tal valley, to the east and northeast by the Seefeld Plateau and to the south by the Hoher Wand, a high rock face above the Inn valley. At the northeastern foot of the Geschwandtkopf is the picturesque bathing lake of Wildsee.

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