The Hochblassen is a mountain 2,706 metres (8,878 ft) high, located in the Wetterstein in the German state of Bavaria. In addition to the main summit, it has a sub-peak, the so-called Signalgipfel (“signal peak”) which is 2,698 metres (8,852 ft) high. It was first climbed in 1871 by Hermann von Barth and Peter Klaisl. The mountain is made of Wetterstein limestone and lies about 4.5 kilometres east of Germany’s highest peak, the Zugspitze. It is part of the east–west ridge of the Höllentalgrat. One kilometre northeast, separated by the Grießkarscharte, lies the Alpspitze (2,628 m). To the north, to Grießkar, the mountain has a very steep and rugged face, about 500 metres high. To the south, above the Rein valley, the rock faces have a height of over 900 metres.

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